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When your team is going places, it’s vital to be able to track and manage expenses—whether it’s business trips, client lunches, or equipment purchases—so you can approve claims and reimburse people on time.

If you’re distributed across geographies, and if your local employees are submitting expenses in one system while your international team members are using another, managing expenses can get really complicated. For your finance and accounting team, it might mean having to painstakingly transfer claim details from one platform to another, manually categorize expenses and map them onto different accounts, or even resort to spreadsheets just to have everything in one place.

Besides being tedious and time-consuming, this also introduces the possibility of data entry errors and conflicting records. With information fragmented across platforms, it’s also harder to stay compliant, generate reports, perform audits, and more.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a single expense management platform for all things relating to expenses, and not have to duplicate work or re-approve claims—not even for your international teammates?

With Oyster’s Expensify integration, you can do exactly that! You can manage expenses in Expensify, approve them once, and they’ll sync automatically with Oyster and get paid out in the next payroll cycle. This automated process eliminates repetitive work, ensures accuracy, and streamlines your expense approval workflow.

Efficient expense management for fast and easy reimbursements

Managing employee expenses efficiently allows your business to keep track of costs and reimburse people promptly for expenses incurred on behalf of the company. It allows for flexibility so teams can be responsive to shifting priorities and evolving business needs.

Oyster’s Expensify integration creates a seamless experience for both you and your global team. Once the integration is set up, Team Members are matched between the two systems and to the appropriate expense policies as configured. Expenses can then be submitted, managed, and approved in Expensify, so that all things expenses are in one place, without unnecessary duplication of data or effort. Oyster will automatically pull approved expenses from Expensify and reimburse Team Members through their monthly payroll.

In addition to streamlining your workflow, the integration will also help you stay compliant with tax regulations and reporting requirements across multiple countries by ensuring that expenses are properly categorized and accounted for.

Ready to connect Oyster and Expensify? Here’s a detailed setup guide and FAQs to help you configure and activate the Expensify integration in Oyster.

Simplifying expenses for your global team

Oyster’s global employment platform helps fast-growing companies scale across borders with ease. By integrating with your expense management software, we want to simplify your expense approval workflow to ensure the best experience for your finance and accounting team as well as your Team Members around the world.

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