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Found an amazing candidate in the UK, India, or Brazil? The Oyster platform automatically surfaces country-specific insights, offers real-time guidance, and auto-generates compliant agreements to help you hire faster.

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With guidance, you can find your footing

Thanks to country-specific intelligence and automated hiring flows, onboarding international employees is faster than ever before.Here’s how:
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We are able to onboard employees a lot faster and we’re able to onboard employees with a lot less anxiety. We trust with Oyster that we did do it right because we enlisted their help to help us do these things perfectly.
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Tyler Parson
VP of People, Chili Piper
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As a remote-first organization, we valued Oyster’s ability to provide our new hires with a great onboarding experience. And the service and support from the Oyster team has been remarkable.
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Ben Stephenson
CEO, Impala
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Once all of the paperwork is done, each step is so well described and so well documented that you know what's next. The onboarding couldn't be quicker. It's incredible.
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Ally Fekaiki
CEO and founder of Juno
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Unveiling a never-before-seen solution

Oyster is the only global employment platform with deep employment intelligence and automated hiring, helping you hire globally in as fast as 48 hours! How else are we different? Read on.

Working in the dark

  • Sourcing local lawyers and waiting on their support to make sure you meet compliance
  • Offering a one-size-fits-all benefits package to your Team Members and worrying about retention
  • Relying on support staff to provide updates to you and your new joiner and feeling out of the loop
  • Waiting on support staff to move forward next steps and increasing time to hire
  • Working with a growing list of vendors to handle payroll, compliance, and benefits in each country

Working with Oyster’s platform

Accessing country-specific insights on local laws instantly and building compliant agreements fast
Learning about a variety of local benefits and accessing pre-created packages to easily level up the offer
Working in one platform so you and your new joiner can track steps and gain visibility into the process
Breezing through a self-serve process independently and reducing time to hire
Managing payroll, compliance, and benefits from a single platform to create consistent Team Member experiences
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Global hiring—without the unknowns

Find your way quickly and confidently with Oyster as your guide.
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