What is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?


An HRIS or Human Resource Information System is a software solution used by organizations to store and manage employee data. The HRIS serves as a central database of employee records that are necessary for various day-to-day HR processes.

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What does an HRIS do?

An HRIS enables HR and People Ops teams to keep accurate employee records, since it reduces the possibility of manual errors and discrepancies that might occur if this information was kept on paper or across multiple spreadsheets. It also ensures that sensitive data remains secure and compliant with regulations.

Using an HRIS allows People teams to automate common processes and workflows in workforce management. These include managing recruitment, payroll and benefits, keeping track of absences and time off, performance reviews, and so on. Many useful HR metrics are stored in an HRIS.

An HRIS can also provide reporting and analytics, which can help companies make data-informed decisions.

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