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Let’s team up to bring the best global employment experience to our shared networks and promote equal opportunity around the world. 

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Why join Oyster Partners?

Oyster’s partnership programs are thoughtfully designed to make sure that you, and your customers, feel taken care of. We’re here to make this a long-term thing.

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Join a mission-driven ecosystem

Our eyes are always set on partnerships that can help us create a more equal world where anyone, anywhere has the chance to prosper.

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Bring the best to your customers

Our unmatched support and legal knowledge create experiences that your customers will love and you can trust.

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Unlock exclusive benefits

Oyster Partners offers a variety of revenue share, discount, and perk opportunities to make sure you, and your customers, access benefits that suit your needs.

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Access flexible programs

Found the right program, but something needs tweaking? We’re happy to customize your package to make sure we both feel good about it!

Ways we can work together

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Are your customers interested in effortless global hiring? Send them our way! We’ll take care of the rest from there. For each successful referral, you’ll earn a commission. We’ll also work with you to bring your services into the Oyster sales cycle, where needed.

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Integrate with Oyster to build an end-to-end solution and expand globally. Use our API to create a connected experience or embed Oyster’s global hiring functionality into your platform. Learn more at developer.oysterhr.com.

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Perks Marketplace

Offer Oyster customers a discount on your solution and generate new business for your company. Be featured in our product and on our website, and highlighted throughout Oyster’s channels.

Find the right program for you

Ready to join forces? Explore our diverse set of programs to start designing a lasting partnership with Oyster.

Let's build the future of work together

Does your technology solution drive innovation in the workplace? Become a Worktech partner, so we can work together to bring visibility to both our products and more value to our shared customers.


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    Help your customers hire seamlessly beyond borders.

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    Reach new customers through Oyster’s marketplace.

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    Gain even more exposure through co-marketing initiatives.

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Offer end-to-end global employment solutions

Does your company offer legal, accounting, talent acquisition, or consulting services? Become a Business Services partner, so you can expand your offering to include our trusted global hiring solution.


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    Help your customers hire seamlessly beyond borders.

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    Grow your expertise and services in global hiring.

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    Open up new revenue streams through each referral.

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Scale your portfolio companies across borders

Are you a VC or private equity firm that invests in software and tech companies? Become a Venture partner so that your portfolio companies can have access to a scalable and efficient global hiring solution—at a discount.


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    Help your portfolio companies access the world’s best talent.

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    Extend their financial runway with cost-conscious growth practices.

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    Access an exclusive Oyster discount to share with your network.

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Spread the word about global hiring

Do you know companies needing global employment support? Become an Oyster affiliate partner so you can connect them with a trusted solution—and get paid for it!


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    Help companies everywhere hire talent anywhere.

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    Turn each referral into revenue.

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    Receive cash bonuses when you hit new milestones.

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Join other industry leaders and innovators

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Testimonial client Tim Eckert-Fong, Senior Manager, Hired

Tim Eckert-Fong

Director of People, Lokalise

“Oyster really matches up with our goal of helping people find a job that they love at a company that matches their mission.”

Testimonial client Maulik Sailor-Founder and CEO, Codemonk

Tim Eckert-Fong

Director of People, Lokalise

Oyster has been a great partner for us. I think the most fundamentally important thing for us is that both of us have the same vision - that talent is global but the opportunities are not.”

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