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The best jobs should be open to everyone

Back in 2019, Oyster began with a question: How can we make global employment easier for companies and talented workers?

Building an all-star team shouldn’t be limited by borders. We’re on a mission to make it easier than ever for growing companies to hire, pay,
and take care of brilliant employees—wherever they are in the world.

Today, our fully-distributed team is based in 60+ countries and this number is expanding every week. We embrace the benefits and opportunities that come with global employment—and we’re working together to provide them to you too.

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Hire based on talent, not location

Oyster is on a mission to make it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere

Global employment

With Oyster’s expansive country coverage, you can compliantly hire employees and contractors without setting up a local entity yourself.

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Multi-country payroll

No more payroll headaches. With one automated payroll platform, you can pay all your employees on time and in their local currencies.

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Localized benefits

Looking for ways to attract and retain top talent? Level up your compensation package with competitive, country-specific benefits.

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Our leadership team is world class

Each member was handpicked for relevant experience in their domain.

Tony Jamous headshot

Tony Jamous

CEO & Founder

Mark frein headshot

Mark Frein

Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Lincholn headshot

Shannon Lincoln

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Schofield headshot

Sam Schofield

Chief Revenue Officer

Miranda Zolot headshot

Miranda Zolot

General Counsel

Jack Mardack headshot

Jack Mardack

Impact Officer & Co-founder

Thrive everywhere

Backed by the best

Each member was handpicked for relevant experience in their domain.

Jason Green, founder, Emergence Capitalwork from anywhere handwriting
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We invest in people who change the way the world works. We’ve been leading the way in enabling the future of work by investing in leading SaaS companies. We believe that software can change the world and be used for good, and so does Oyster. Watch this space: we expect great things from Oyster."

Jason Green

Founder, Emergence Capital

Our core values

Each of these principles is at the heart of what we do.

We elevate talent

Great talent can be found worldwide—but it’s been hard to tap into historically. We enable our customers to connect with the global talent pool, which opens up more opportunities for knowledge workers and helps them realize their full potential.

By empowering our internal teams as well, we inspire, energize, and establish ourselves as the most human-centric company in the industry.

We build trust

Mutual trust is a key ingredient to our success. To build trust with our customers, we maintain an active flow of information and communication, follow through with our commitments, and provide 24/7 support.

With that said, we recognize no ambitious reach comes without failure. In the face of challenges, our trust in one another stands firm. We learn, adapt, and move forward.

We thrive together

Our team is on a shared mission to make global employment accessible to everyone. We’ve intentionally gathered a variety of perspectives and experiences to stimulate innovation and reach this goal.

We always value the collective win over individual accomplishments—enforcing a sense of connection and belonging. Together, we’ll create something truly exceptional.