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Salary Insights

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Attract and retain global talent with comprehensive salary insights across 130+ countries. Create fair and competitive offers, fix pay gaps, and more.

Navigate global compensation 
with confidence

As you expand into new countries, the same questions arise: How much do I pay employees? How do I find salary information? With salary insights across 130+ countries, you can make decisions quickly, easily, and confidently.

Instantly get the insights you’re looking for

Access salary across 130+ countries and all job levels in a single platform, saving time and costs.

Easily build 
compensation packages

Understand statutory, average, and best-in-class compensation in each location, adopting consistent practices.

Confidently extend offers in any market

With our comprehensive tool, you can tick off all the boxes and remain compliant, fair, and competitive. Attract and retain your best talent.

Oyster Pay Bands

Make fair, informed salary decisions

Looking for self-serve salary benchmarks to inform your global compensation model? 
Find recommended salary ranges for distributed teams, designed to promote fair and competitive compensation across borders.

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Automated Job Matching

Streamline your salary search

Struggling to find salary data for the exact job title you're seeking? Don’t worry—our intelligent Salary Insights Tool provides tailored suggestions of job titles from our database that closely align with your search.

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Our Prices


USD 50
Per employee/month
Hire, pay, and manage contractors

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Employer of Record

Starting at USD 599
per employee/month billed annually, or USD 699/month billed monthly
Hire, pay, and manage full-timers

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Global Payroll

USD 50
Per employee/month
Pay your direct employees

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Make quick, informed salary decisions

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  • Quickly obtain global insights

    Access salary, benefits, and equity information in a single platform, saving time and costs

  • Streamline your salary search

    Struggling to find data for the exact job title? Don’t worry—our intelligent tool provides tailored suggestions of job titles that closely align with your search.

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Can the tool be used to benchmark pay for contractors?

No. The tool can be used to benchmark salary for full-time employees only.

Does the salary range include bonuses, variable pay, and other compensation components?

No, Oyster's salary insights tool provides data on base salaries only.

Do I have to hire someone with Oyster in order to use the Salary Insights Tool?

No. You can use our tool independently of whether you have a hire with Oyster or not.

How was the Oyster Pay Bands developed?

Oyster Pay Bands was developed using thousands of data points from Oyster’s proprietary data, and market data. This was then adjusted to meet our compensation philosophy, and by taking into account cost of living, career progressions, and more. Please request a demo to learn more.

Try Oyster’s salary 
insights tool

With one simple tool, you can make informed global compensation decisions—instantly. Now that deserves a place in your global HR toolbox, don’t you think?