Simplify your global HR workflows with Oyster’s HRIS integrations

Save valuable time and effort.

As a People Ops team, you’re probably focused on designing and facilitating the best possible employee experience for your people. The last thing you need is to be bogged down in routine administrative work, like updating information across multiple systems or reentering employee data from one tool to another. And yet, it’s just those sorts of back-office HR tasks that often keep People teams stretched thin.

Wouldn’t it be great if your HR tools could simply talk to each other? So, if you update a team member’s address, you could do it in one place instead of several? Or when you’re ready to make a hire, you don’t have to enter the candidate’s information into yet another software? Or if someone wants to take PTO, you could manage time-off requests centrally in one place? It would be much easier on your People Ops team, not to mention a faster and smoother experience for your team members.

Thanks to Oyster’s HRIS integrations, there’s no need to waste time on repetitive data entry. If you’re ready to hire someone, you can just import their details into Oyster. If a team member needs time off, you can just approve it one place instead of two. If you update an employee record in your HR information system (HRIS), selected personal and job-related details will automatically sync to Oyster. With these automations, you’ll save time and effort, avoid data entry errors, and streamline your global HR workflows.

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Connect your HR tools to simplify your people operations

If you’re a globally distributed company and use Oyster to employ people across borders, there’s a lot of employee information that’s duplicated between Oyster and other HR systems that you use to manage your international workforce.

The good news is that Oyster integrates with your favorite HRIS, whether that’s HiBob, Workday®, or BambooHR. By automatically syncing with the HRIS you already use to store and manage employee information, Oyster’s global employment platform connects seamlessly with your existing tech stack to streamline your global people operations. By connecting your tools, managing a global team becomes a smooth and frictionless experience.

Breeze through hiring with pre-filled forms

When you connect Oyster to your HRIS, onboarding a team member in Oyster becomes faster and easier. Once activated, the integration will use the team member’s email address to match profiles between Oyster and your HRIS and sync data into Oyster. There’s no need to type in their details because the Oyster hiring form will be pre-populated with data pulled from your HRIS, including their name, country of residence, job and manager details, and more.

Automating the process ensures 100% accuracy by eliminating the possibility of manual error, and there’s no need to waste time and effort duplicating work you’ve already done before. You can get offers out the door faster, and both the team member and the hiring manager will be thrilled.

Manage time off more easily and accurately

If a team member needs time off, whether it’s to go on vacation or recover from illness, they can make the request through your HRIS, and the time-off integration ensures that it’ll sync automatically with Oyster. On the admin side, you’ll only need to approve it once, and that too will auto-update and sync.

Oyster’s time-off integration lets you manage time off in one platform rather than two, so you can avoid duplicating effort, minimize errors, reduce administrative overhead, work more efficiently, and ensure accurate tracking of employee time-off data. It’s also a better user experience for both your team members and your People team.

Keep employee records effortlessly up-to-date across platforms

Maintaining accurate employee records is a critical HR function, but you don’t want to have to update multiple systems every time there’s a change in someone’s information. By plugging Oyster into your tech stack, you can just update information in the HRIS, and selected personal and employment details will automatically be pulled into Oyster. Your HRIS can serve as your central source of truth for employee data, and any changes will sync seamlessly in Oyster.

This ensures accurate record-keeping since your workforce data is being stored and managed in one place. What’s more, you don’t have to make repetitive manual updates every time someone moves house or gets a new phone number, or if they switch teams or report to a new manager, for instance. Whenever an employee record is updated in the HRIS, the information will auto-update in Oyster.

Ready to connect your HRIS to Oyster? These detailed guides will walk you through the process of integrating Oyster with HiBob, BambooHR, and Workday®.

Manage your global team without the stress

Oyster’s global employment platform makes it easy to hire and onboard top global talent, regardless of where they’re located. But managing a global team shouldn’t involve extra headaches. Oyster’s HRIS integrations simplify and streamline your global HR workflows, so you can focus on your people and give them the best employment experience possible.

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