Integrations & API

Hire anywhere, without disrupting your workflows

Automate work at each step. Connect with your favorite tools or create custom apps. Reduce time to hire, eliminate errors, improve productivity.

Global employment just got easier

Take the hard work out of hiring

Reduce your time to hire

Auto-sync new candidate data from your ATS and HRIS platforms and say goodbye to manual re-entries and errors.

Automate your workflows in a few clicks

Connect with your everyday tech stack

Automate your processes for employee onboarding, record keeping, and approving time off without writing a single line of code.
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Sync approved expenses

View your approved expenses in Oyster to stay on top of reimbursements and global payroll

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Manage time off & employee data easily

Manage time off in a single platform. Auto-sync and auto-update time-off data from your HRIS tool to Oyster.

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Streamline equity management

Keep employee records up-to-date and never enter the same data twice.

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Record invoices accurately

Transfer approved invoices to your ERP tool and keep your records accurate and up-to-date.

Use integrations to make the world your Oyster

Connect with your favorite HR tools, develop custom workflows, and save time on manual tasks.
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Stay in the loop with Slack

Instantly approve time-off requests, follow onboarding milestones, and track expenses, all within Slack.

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Connect to thousands of apps

Integrate Oyster with 5000+ apps, including Asana, MS Teams, and Google Sheets, with the Zapier integration.

Unleash possibilities with the Oyster API

Can’t find the integration you need? Try the Oyster API.

Develop custom workflows to improve your team’s productivity and embed Oyster into your app to open the doors to global talent for your customers—all with the Oyster API.

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Don’t just take it from us

“We connect QuickBooks and HiBob with Oyster to ensure we can work with great talent anywhere while also working seamlessly with our current tech stack. These integrations save hours, ensure payroll accuracy, and help us hire faster.”

Hallie Condon

Director, Employee Experience at Chili Piper

“When we were comparing Oyster to another provider, we saw that both could do what we needed, but Oyster had better integrations. With the QuickBooks integration, something that took me a few hours now takes 15 minutes with no delay to the sync.”

John Newman

Bookkeeper at Phaidra

“Before using Oyster and HiBob, we had a lot of Excel sheets, we had a lot of trackers that we used manually, but now with the automations we implemented within HiBob, we have a lot more time for the fun HR things we like to do!”

Stefanie Zander

Senior People Operations Manager at Spryker

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What are integrations and why do they matter?

Integrations connect your tech stack so apps and systems can share information with one another. This streamlines processes and reduces repetitive work. People Ops leaders, like you, already have so much on their plate. Leveraging integrations can free up time, so you can focus on your people. 

So how do I use Oyster Integrations?

To connect your tech stack to Oyster, first log in to your Oyster account. In the app, navigate to “Integrations” on the left hand side. All available integrations can be found under the “Available Integrations” tab.

Oyster Integrations sound awesome, but how much will they cost me?

If you have an Oyster account, all integrations are free. Just connect your tools and enjoy!

How do I become an integration partner with Oyster?

We’re always keen to partner with tools, systems, and technologies that can help us make global employment a seamless and positive experience for our customers. Sounds like you? Visit our partnership page to learn how to reach out to our team.