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Need to switch EORs?

Having trouble with your current EOR? Take the guesswork out of global expansion. Work with a partner you can trust to take care of your global team.

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Why do companies switch to Oyster?

They want an experienced, strategic global partner—not just a global hiring solution. Here’s how you, too, can leverage Oyster to continue scaling your global workforce with peace of mind.

Local employment expertise

Receive expert guidance every step of the way. Leverage 15+ global employment tools powered by Oyster Intelligence.

Fast and reliable customer support

Get access to a robust and specialized support structure by area of expertise and employee lifecycle stage covering every global time zone.

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Industry-leading compliance

Ensure up-to-date compliance in each country you hire in with built-in compliance powered by SAGE, localized knowledge and insights, and in-house legal expertise.

All-inclusive pricing

Oyster’s prices are all-inclusive and consistent from month to month. No additional charges for setup, onboarding, offboarding, support, or integrations.

Learn why Kinsta
switched to Oyster

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We tried several EORs and we were just not happy. Compared to them, we found Oyster to be the best solution and very different from other EORs in terms of communication, logistics, automations, and internal processes. With Oyster, we managed to improve, if not solve, all the issues we were having with EORs before.
Ana Sekulic
HR Generalist at Kinsta

How does the EOR migration process work?

Oyster is here to make your migration process smooth and seamless. A dedicated team of specialists will guide you through the process compliantly while keeping your team members’ experience at the center.


Map your migration plan

Get guidance from Oyster’s migration experts on what types of information you need to collect from your current provider. We’ll map out the project timeline together.


Communicate with stakeholders

Collect the necessary information from your current provider and communicate the change to your team members. We’ll provide resources and checklists for all communications to ensure a smooth transition.


Kick off onboarding

Your Oyster Hiring Success team has this covered in terms of contract terms and onboarding details. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

See why 500+ team members were migrated to Oyster in 2023

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Local intelligence is the #1 reason for choosing Oyster

Calculate employment costs, assess risks, build competitive compensation packages, and more—with 15+ global employment tools powered by Oyster Intelligence.

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