Embracing workstyles: Celebrating the real you, discovering the real us

In the future of work, you can be your whole self.

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It’s usually the first question someone asks when they first meet you: “What do you do?” 

But what if someone asked what you love to do instead? Now that’s a conversation starter. 

Why? Because we’re all more than our jobs. 

We’re also parents, surfers, ceramicists, party hosts, DJs, AND MORE. These passions don’t just fill our cup outside of work—they impact the way we show up to work, too. To us, these differences are worth celebrating. Heck, they’re worth prioritizing. Because they’re what make us human.

So let’s break down the office walls, Zoom pleasantries, and LinkedIn facades. It’s time to get real and welcome our differences with open arms—because that’s the future of work. 

Celebrating workstyles in the workplace

👉 Wait, what’s a workstyle? “Workstyle” refers to the way your work is influenced by your unique personality, skills, past experiences, hobbies, and more. Take our quiz to find YOUR workstyle.

What’s cool about us humans is that we’re all different. And all the different things that make us who we are impact the way we work. That means your workstyle is probably different from your colleague’s—and that’s okay! 

The goal isn’t to fit everyone into the same “workstyle box,” but to create a flexible work environment that supports everyone’s different ways of working. (Side note: Don’t miss next month’s LinkedIn Live with Kim Rohrer, Oyster’s Principal People Partner. She’ll be sharing tips on how to do this!)

So how does Oyster approach workstyles? At Oyster, we aspire to a way of working that allows us to grow as people, not just professionals. Because when we’re empowered to bring our whole selves, we can bring our best selves. And isn’t that what work should be about, anyway?

“Our passions and hobbies contribute to the full picture of who we are as people, and that’s something really important to recognize and celebrate.”
—Stephanie Huynh, Senior Creative Producer, charcuterie board plater

You’re more than your job, but always you

World explorer. Cyclist. Dog dad. Adrenaline junkie. Mother. Food aficionado. Coffee lover. These are just a few things from the Oyster team that make our people—and their work—stand out from the rest.

With 600+ folks across 70+ countries, it’d be a shame if our team only brought their work selves to work every day. So let’s not be shy about being ourselves at work.

Take Lisa Paredes, Product Marketing Manager at Oyster. Growing up in Guatemala, she felt she had to choose between being a businesswoman and being a yoga teacher. When she moved to San Francisco, she became so absorbed by work that there wasn’t space for anything else in her life. 

Then along came Oyster—and a flexible work environment that allowed her to have more balance in her life and also be her most authentic self at work. Lisa’s more than a PMM—she’s always a yogini, expat, daughter, sister, and friend.

But Lisa isn’t the only one who’s more than her job—we all are! Bruno is more than a Partnerships Lead, always a movie buff. Matt is more than a Senior Director of People Experience, always a competitor. The list goes on! 

“No one should have to choose between living their dream job and dream life. In the past, it was hard for me to remember—I’m much more, and not only defined by my title.”
Brittni Ralston, Account Executive, pet owner, mother

We’re all more than our 9-to-5s, and it’s high time we acknowledge it. So let’s celebrate each other’s differences—because that’s what creates great shucking teams.

Reimagining work—and our brand, too 

“We really wanted to encapsulate the energy, the human-ness of Oyster, and the ability to work from anywhere and hire from anywhere.” 
—Justin Rands, Director of Design, father, basketball player

People have always been at the core of our mission and vision. When it comes to workstyles, we hope to inspire companies worldwide to learn, listen, and support their teams’ unique ways of working.

So, in addition to our fun li’l quiz and some extra workstyle resources, we felt we needed a bit of a glow-up (or a brand refresh, if you want to get technical about it) to fully reflect who we are as a company. 

Say hello to our new logo, new colors, new elements, and—most importantly—a new emphasis on what’s always been at the heart of our brand: real people.

Photography: Getting the full picture 

We’re tired of living in a land of cheesy stock photos. Nobody smiles at their laptop all day looking for turnkey solutions, right?!

So we decided to bring our vision to life with authentic imagery that focuses on human storytelling. Our photography showcases the many ways people live their lives—and how Oyster helps businesses and workers benefit from the flexibility of remote work. 

“We tried to really capture that energy of someone who’s a marketer, but also a dad. Or someone who’s a lawyer and also a surfer. What does that energy feel like, those two ‘separate’ ideas in one shot?” explains Justin Rands, our Director of Design. “I think we captured it really well.” (We hope you think so too.)

Logo: Our name in lights

Our old logo was certainly unique, but it didn’t quite reflect our brand values. Now it has a friendlier, modern look that still feels like Oyster—just more grown-up.

With its rounded letterforms and well-balanced elements, our new logo evokes a sense of trust, stability, accessibility, and optimism. And since it’s scalable, it can command your attention while playing nicely with others, like our new color scheme. 

Color: A fresh coat of paint 

Our refreshed color palette includes new tints and shades that match our brand’s vibrant energy. With more possibilities for color combinations that work in harmony, our brand now has the flexibility to turn the volume up or down depending on our needs.

And since diversity and inclusion are essential parts of our brand, our colors and contrasts accommodate people with certain visual impairments, so anyone and everyone can access Oyster.

Elements: It’s all about the details

Our brand elements all take inspo from the real world. We use patterns derived from nature, textures you can find around the world, and subtle yet supportive illustrations rooted in human expression. Each element feels meticulously hand-crafted, allowing us to create a dynamic global energy that resonates with our audience.

Embracing workstyles around the world  

At Oyster, we believe that global employment has the power to transform work into a more human experience by empowering diverse talent, perspectives, and workstyles to thrive.

We invite you to witness and embrace this transformative power with us. Together, we can create a more compassionate workplace, a more human-centric future of work, and a more equal world where work brings out the best in everyone. 

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, hire, pay, manage, develop, and take care of a thriving distributed workforce. Oyster lets growing companies give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches and expense.

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world—with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks.

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