Leveling up distributed leadership with Lingo Live's Tyler Muse

What leadership looks like for the new world of work.

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As more companies make the switch to remote environments, what opportunities and challenges lay ahead for the future of distributed work? We sat down with Tyler Muse, Founder and CEO of leadership coaching platform Lingo Live, to hear his take.

Tyler credits distributed work as the catalyst for the current talent renaissance. No matter what you call it—the great resignation, the great reshuffling—the workplace power dynamic is shifting. 

As employees shift into this new paradigm of distributed work, they’re not only looking for the flexibility to work from anywhere—they’re also prioritizing career development. But what do promotions and career opportunities look like in a world where being in the office doesn’t exist? 

“I think that’s a huge opportunity for a company to say, ‘Look, career development was always on our list, but maybe it was in the top five in the past. Now it is definitely number one, if not top three.” 

This is why leadership development in a distributed environment is so crucial. According to Tyler, managers need to effectively coach people and open up opportunities for them without relying on rubbing elbows in the office—or employees will find a manager who can. 

Hear what Tyler has to say about leadership development in the new world of work. 

Want even more leadership insights into the new world of work? Stay tuned for more instalments of this series in the coming weeks!

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