Driving remote engagement with HiBob's Annie Rosencrans

How the right tech can help build your distributed culture.

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It wasn’t long ago that employers had to hire within the geography of their offices. But in the last couple of years, distributed work has encouraged companies to expand their recruitment radius and access diversity in different ways. 

But now that we’ve realized talent is everywhere, how can we build an amazing culture and drive engagement when we’re not in person? To find out, we sat down with Annie Rosencrans, Director of People & Culture at HiBob, for her take on driving team engagement in the new world of work. 

Annie highlights how technology is the foundation of a successful distributed workforce. Now that recruiting and onboarding happen over the computer, managers have to be more strategic and intentional about building relationships with employees to make sure they feel supported and engaged through continuous learning. 

“We all know how competitive the talent market is right now, and employees really want to ensure that they're continuing to learn. And if they're not, they're going to go somewhere else.”

Annie advises distributed teams to focus on having an effective employee training program and the best technology in place. That way, remote employees can engage with each other, feel like they’re part of the team, and grow alongside your company.

Hear what Annie has to say about driving team engagement in the distributed future. 

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