6 of the best international payroll providers to consider

Here are our top picks for international payroll providers.

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If you’re managing payroll for an international team, the right provider can make all the difference. Global payroll services that administer payroll accurately allow you to run your business effectively and compliantly—and with less work.

Read on to learn about six of the best international payroll providers and what they offer. We’ll break down the pros and cons of each to help you make the best decision for your team.  

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What are international payroll solutions? 

International payroll solutions simplify the payment process for an international workforce. These global compensation tools ensure that full-time employees and contract workers worldwide are paid accurately and on time, no matter where they live.  

Global payroll outsourcing providers handle everything from compliance with local labor laws to wage calculations and taxes. Outsourcing payroll to these services helps you navigate different countries’ regulations through features like pay stub creation and multi-currency support.  

8 international payroll processing features to consider

International payroll processing providers help your business operate across borders with greater speed and efficiency. Here are eight essential features to look for in a global payroll service:  

  1. Payroll administration: Automated payroll processing across countries and currencies, direct deposits, and digital payslips ensure employees are paid on time without mistakes. The best international payroll providers handle all aspects of payroll—even automatically calculating taxes and deductions—and offer an app for easy employee access. 
  2. Payroll reconciliation and auditing: Choose a payroll provider that performs regular checks and audits. These maintain accuracy and compliance with financial and regulatory standards across countries, making every payday error-free.
  3. Immigration services: Some global employment platforms lend a hand with immigration processes by helping employees and their families obtain visas and residency permits. 
  4. Reporting: Detailed reporting tools offer customizable reports with insights into your payroll operations. These reports should be available in a centralized dashboard that aggregates international employee and payroll data. Reporting gives you a clear overview to inform your hiring and payment decisions.
  5. Human resources (HR) tools: Many international payroll platforms offer software and other tools that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to streamline hiring, employee onboarding, benefits administration, and more. 
  6. Compliance: You need features to manage your distributed team’s payroll compliantly. Compliance means adhering to local labor laws and regulations for each country in which your business operates, providing legal protection for your organization and employees. 
  7. Tax withholding and filing: Some international payroll providers will also manage your company’s tax obligations to prevent legal penalties by navigating the ins and outs of international tax laws so you can submit accurate tax filings. 
  8. Software support: Many global payroll services provide software portals that streamline payroll management, minimize data entry, and allow employees to easily access pay stubs and tax documents.

6 top international payroll software companies  

Every international payroll provider has unique strengths and potential drawbacks. Take a closer look at these six options to find the platform that suits your needs:   

1. Oyster

Oyster is a comprehensive global employment platform that offers payroll and HR management services to 180+ countries, plus global talent sourcing and a global employment cost calculator. Oyster’s wide range of services covers the entire employee life cycle, and the platform integrates well with existing systems.  


  • 30-day free trial with contractor plan 
  • Employer of record (EOR) services
  • Covers 180+ countries
  • Multi-currency payments 
  • Integrates with 15 third-party apps 


  • Higher cost for smaller teams
  • Small businesses may not need all the available features 

2. Rippling 

Rippling is an all-in-one HR services and payroll platform known for its time-saving automation and customizable workflows. This provider integrates HR and payroll with information technology (IT) to make international operations easier. Rippling also uses a single centralized system and offers optional international EOR services and extensive integrations to suit diverse business needs.


  • 90-second international employee and independent contractor onboarding
  • Covers 50+ countries
  • Fast local currency payments
  • Automatic global payroll taxes and filing
  • Employee reimbursement in 100+ local currencies 


  • Limited pricing information available online 
  • Complex plans can become expensive  

3. Papaya Global 

Papaya Global offers services in over 160 countries. This international professional employer organization offers international payroll processing and helps companies find benefits for their global teams. With a focus on payroll accuracy and compliance, Papaya Global is ideal for large companies requiring detailed analytics.  


  • Onboard 1,000 employees or contractors simultaneously 
  • Transparent pricing
  • Multi-language support
  • Employee self-service portal 


  • Plans can be expensive for small businesses
  • The dashboard can be confusing

4. ADP GlobalView Payroll  

ADP GlobalView Payroll offers extensive global payroll and HR solutions for companies with at least 500 employees in one country. ADP GlobalView Payroll makes processing international payments easy by consolidating multi-country payrolls and standardizing workflows. It also submits tax payments, creates employee records, and uses attendance tracking to calculate wages.  


  • Helps companies refine onboarding 
  • Uploads payroll documents 
  • Strong compliance support with 3,000+ experts 
  • Mobile payroll app localized to each area  


  • Expensive for many companies 
  • Most HR features are offered through a paid add-on service  

5. Remote 

Remote is a global HR platform and payroll service provider offering comprehensive EOR services. These include hiring, onboarding, payroll, and compliance processes, with a strong emphasis on employee support for relocation, visa sponsorship, and insurance. Remote also manages global employees and contractors, providing payroll services, customizable contracts, benefits packages, and more.


  • Strong focus on compliance
  • Excellent employee support
  • Comprehensive EOR services
  • Country-specific guides to global payroll management 


  • Paid plans might be unaffordable for small companies 
  • Limited to EOR-focused solutions 

6. Gusto

Gusto is an international payroll solution offering EOR services for hiring, onboarding, and paying global employees. Ideal for companies of all sizes with distributed workforces, the platform pays international workers in their local currencies and includes customizable onboarding checklists, self-onboarding features, and recurring payment schedules. The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly, too. 


  • Completes payments in 120+ countries
  • Multilingual support
  • Geolocation, time tracking, and attendance tracking tools
  • Syncs with many third-party apps


  • Limited HR support 
  • Domestic platform with a global contractor payroll solution

How to choose the best global payroll service  

Several criteria can help you select a payroll service that meets your needs and takes care of your team. Here are factors to consider when searching for a global employment solution for your business’s payroll:  

Service availability 

Choose a global payroll service that covers all the countries where your business operates. Consider which countries you plan on expanding into and opt for a payroll company that lets you extend your reach without worry.   

Industry experience 

The largest payroll companies have a proven track record of success. Choose an experienced provider with industry-specific knowledge that will understand your company’s unique challenges in employing a distributed team. Experienced providers know your sector’s laws and regulations and offer tailored solutions.


Verify if the international payroll provider’s pricing suits your budget. Look for a platform that offers a comprehensive service package, such as a flat monthly fee that includes access for all employees and a suite of features.

Some providers require a monthly payment plus an additional fee for each user. For transparent pricing information, contact each provider directly to discuss your needs and receive a custom quote.

Core global payroll services 

Find a global employment service that offers core services like automated payroll, compliance, and tax filing. These features should be available for full-time employees and contract workers worldwide. If your business has additional needs, like multi-currency payments, ensure they’re included in the platforms you’re considering.

Ease of use 

Select a user-friendly platform that integrates well with your existing software and HR systems. When everything works well together, you’re left with less manual work, which boosts efficiency. Seamless integration between systems means a smoother experience for your entire team.

Customer reviews 

Seek customer feedback to gauge how satisfied companies, business owners, and employees are with the platform. Testimonials provide helpful insights into the payroll provider’s features, performance, and customer service. Reviews can also highlight problems real users encounter using the provider.

Simplify international payroll with Oyster  

Oyster’s global payroll solution ensures compliance across borders, giving you everything you need to manage your distributed workforce and grow your dream team. From payroll automation and reports to invoices and reimbursements, Oyster lets you track, change, and approve payroll in minutes. Plus, our in-house specialists are ready and waiting to assist you.

Discover how partnering with Oyster can streamline your payroll processes and revolutionize the way you attract, hire, and retain talent in more than 180 countries.

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, engage, pay, manage, develop, and take care of a thriving distributed workforce. Oyster lets growing companies give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches and expense.

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world—with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks.

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