Add external recruiters, process offboarding smoothly, and more: February product updates

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Oyster Product Updates: February 2024

In the world of people management, efficiency is key. We know your time is precious, and streamlining processes can make a significant impact on productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall success.

This month, we're focusing on empowering you to work smarter, not harder. Whether it's enabling external recruiters to generate new agreements, enhancing the offboarding flow for smoother transitions, or providing instant access to critical equity tax information, our goal is to equip you with the solutions you need.

Here’s our roundup for the month:
👤 Add external recruiters to Oyster
🧳 Process offboarding smoothly
📢 Get estimates of equity taxes, sort time-off requests, and more

Add external recruiters to Oyster to onboard talent faster

Do you work with external recruiters to bring in fresh talent? Now you can empower them with access to Oyster, so they can kickstart the hiring process and create contract agreements. The agreements will be saved and await review and approval by Oyster admins.

You can also tailor access to Oyster for other roles, such as team managers and separate admins for expenses, invoices, payroll, and time off. Learn more about each role and start assigning them for more efficient workflows.

Receive contextual guidance to handle offboarding more smoothly

There are many reasons for offboarding team members, such as when someone resigns or completes their contract. Regardless of the reason, it's vital to follow the correct process for a smooth and compliant transition.

That’s why we’ve made updates to ensure a smoother offboarding experience for you and your team members. These improvements include:

  • Alerts indicating the minimum number of days required to process offboarding, plus guidance on next steps based on the offboarding reason selected.
  • Notifications before the probationary period ends, so you can initiate offboarding requests on time.

What else is new?

🕰️ Sort time-off requests: You can now sort time-off requests by country and time period to manage them more efficiently. Have a team manager who’s responsible for a specific region? They can now sort by country and quickly take action on the requests they need to manage. See it in action.

💰 Get estimates of equity taxes: In the complex landscape of equity compensation, understanding tax implications is crucial. Now when you report a taxable event, you can instantly see the tax implications, both taxes to be withheld from your team member’s equity compensation and taxes to be paid by your company. Try it now.

📝 Self-serve termination requests for contractors:
To save you time and effort, contractors can now request terminating their contracts directly from their Oyster account. Upon submission, you’ll receive an email notification to review and approve each request.

🇮🇹 Self-service contract changes now available in Italy: Need to amend a team member contract in Italy? With the self-serve contract change feature, you can edit the contract, preview the changes, send it to the team member for their signature, know when they’ve signed, and finally sign it yourself. Now available for team members in Italy, in addition to 10+ previously supported countries. Learn more here.

Can’t wait to see these new features in action? Log into Oyster to try them out yourself!

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