How Juno makes workplace benefits more personal

Juno knows all about taking care of a global team.

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One of the challenges of having employees spread across multiple countries is that employee needs tend to differ from place to place. It can be hard to offer benefits that are both valuable and accessible to a global workforce, and even harder to do it at scale.

Our friends at Juno know all about taking care of a global team. Their goal is to empower employees by giving them the tools they need to be their best selves, inside and outside of work. 

We sat down with Tania Arellano, Content Lead at Juno to learn a bit about how they solve the challenges that many global companies are facing right now.

Tell us about Juno

Juno connects employees to hundreds of globally available products, services, and experiences aimed at improving their wellbeing, inside and outside of work.

What is the most common challenge your customers face when they come to you?

The most common challenge our customers face is offering benefits to global teams and offering something innovative and flexible—trying to step away from outdated benefits. Another challenge they face is that they want a centralized service instead of having many different tools and providers. Juno stores everything in one place.

How does Juno solve that challenge?

We solve these challenges by offering flexibility and choice. Once a company has joined Juno, team members receive their own login and wellbeing allowance, which become Juno points. This means that we can tailor wellbeing benefits to each individual by providing whatever they want, anywhere in the world. Whether that's access to gyms, houseplants, or dog sitters. Members can choose how they take care of their wellbeing by ordering from our marketplace, requesting something via our concierge service, pay with our Juno virtual cards, or submit a reimbursement request.

What’s your core differentiator?

What makes us unique is that we go beyond being a wellbeing marketplace. Because our clients have teams globally, we offer our Concierge service, where members can request a specific product or service available in their area. They also have the option to transfer their Juno points to a Virtual Card that works with wellbeing and lifestyle providers. And finally, our reimbursements feature, which members can use to get reimbursed for gym subscriptions or online memberships. Being able to offer this level of flexibility is why our clients choose us over other solutions.

Who gets the most value out of your platform?

From a business perspective, Heads of People or HR managers find Juno a valuable solution because we reduce admin for them. Their wellbeing and mental health budget can be allocated all in one place and never go to waste by unused yoga classes or generic veggie boxes. It's all in one place; it's a centralised platform. But ultimately, employees get the most value because they get to pick the most suitable benefits for them on any given day. So whether they prefer to go to the gym this week or choose to spend their points on therapy the next, they have the flexibility and choice of their wellbeing.

How are you innovating to meet the needs of your customers?

We have a fantastic Product Lead who actively listens to our member's feedback. We provide suggestion boxes for our users to let us know what they'd like to see on the platform. And a feedback form for our members to let us know how we can improve things. So we're constantly evolving our product based on feedback. Whether that be improving interface experience or adding more brands to our marketplace. If we have a client based, for example, in Australia, and we don't have the brands their team would like to see, our brand partnerships manager goes out and finds them to be onboarded on Juno. And of course we're also looking at B2B partnerships to connect our clients with tools to provide them with a more seamless experience with their HR protocols and processes.

Learn more about Juno and how they can help you provide wellness benefits to your global team here.

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