Crush your Compliance Anxiety: Top Global Hiring Questions Answered

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Crush your Compliance Anxiety: Top Global Hiring Questions Answered

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or exploring global talent for the first time, global hiring can be a daunting experience.

“What laws and regulations do I need to keep up with? Can I hire talent in this country? How do I handle taxes?”

For People leaders, there’s too many global hiring questions, too many doubts, and no easy way to get answers. Until now! Crush your compliance anxiety at our latest webinar—an event dedicated to alleviating stress and providing trustworthy information to People leaders and hiring managers. 

Tune into our webinar to receive:

  • Answers to your specific questions related to global hiring, compliance, and risk
  • Guidance on the top concerns facing global hiring managers today 
  • Expert advice and support from Oyster’s leading HR and legal professionals 

Join us to crush your compliance anxiety, and feel confident hiring global talent.


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Sarah Stephens
Senior Managing Counsel at Oyster
Bianca Burke
People Services Director at Oyster
Patricia Piticas Managing Counsel
Employment Standards at Oyster
Simon Pickerill
Content Marketing Manager at Oyster

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