7 signs you should hire an international independent contractor

Signs to look for when you need to hire global contractors.

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The landscape of the working world has changed dramatically over the past decade. From the gig economy—in which more professionals are turning to freelance work—to the distributed workforce, there’s more flexibility for hiring than ever before. For some companies, blending these two work models by hiring international contractors is an attractive option.

Hiring contractors abroad is becoming increasingly popular for companies with unique talent needs, and you now have the tools to do so with ease. Global employment platforms, in particular, take the hassle out of the hiring and onboarding processes, making it easier and less of a risk to hire international contractors.

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If you have specific talent needs and are considering hiring abroad, here are some signs that an international independent contractor could be the right fit for your company. 

When to hire an international independent contractor

1. You’re struggling to find talent locally

Job seekers with in-demand skills have the flexibility to be selective about their employment opportunities. In countries like the U.S., the labor market is still very much in the job seekers’ hands. This means the competition for specialized skills can be a barrier to filling talent gaps, especially when it comes to sought-after roles. 

If you’ve had difficulty finding the right candidate locally, it could help to broaden your search beyond the confines of the country where your organization is headquartered. Hiring from a global talent pool will open your company up to a broad range of diverse skills and perspectives you wouldn’t be able to access locally. 

2. You’re looking to save on costs

Depending on your company’s location, the costs of recruitment and compensation for in-demand talent could also be a barrier to filling your current openings. Workers with desirable skills and experience are more likely to command higher pay, but most companies are looking to reduce spending amid current economic pressures. 

It’s possible you could find the same level of talent abroad, but still have the ability to offer pay that’s considered competitive in another country. As a result, you’d be able to meet your talent needs while still adhering to your allotted compensation budget. This arrangement is an economical solution that winds up being a win-win for everyone.

3. You only need a worker for a short-term project

Many professionals looking for work in traditional hubs prefer long-term contracts to short-term projects, thus guaranteeing ongoing work. This is especially true for individuals with specialized skills. In other areas where good-paying work is more difficult to come by, skilled workers may be more willing to take on short-term projects. If you don’t need a full-time employee, but still require a particular skill set to assist with a project, hiring international contractors may be the simplest solution. 

4. You have risk concerns

From a compliance standpoint, hiring internationally might seem as if it would carry a greater risk. Yet, that’s not actually the case. When you work with a global employment platform that’s well-versed in how to hire an international contractor, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with satisfying all local and foreign labor laws, as well as tax obligations.

5. You need talent in a specific marketplace

If your company is working on a project that calls for knowledge of a specific geographic area or foreign language skills, it makes sense to hire where there’s local expertise. For example, your organization may be looking to expand into new markets and could benefit from professionals for region-specific guidance. Or you may need translation skills for an asset you’d like to offer internationally. No matter what your requirements are, tapping into talent in a specific marketplace is easiest when you hire an international contractor.

6. You’re on a tight schedule

Many projects are pushed through rapidly in today’s fast-paced working world. Having a distributed workforce means you can employ people in different time zones to produce deliverables round-the-clock, allowing you to get through high-priority initiatives faster. And by adopting asynchronous working practices, you can experience productivity gains without damaging your culture or burning out your workforce.

7. You need to hire quickly

Depending on the role you’re looking to fill, the talent-sourcing, interviewing and selection process of hiring a full-time employee can be lengthy. For companies with pressing needs or those looking to expand rapidly, hiring international contractors is the best way to expedite the process of growing your workforce. Onboarding independent contractors can take as little as a few minutes in some cases.

Hiring global contractors with Oyster

Whether you have a project that calls for regional expertise, you need to hire on a budget, you have an immediate opening to fill, or you’re simply looking for a way to tap into a global talent pool, hiring international contractors could be the best way to grow your team and help your company excel. From expedited onboarding to lower costs and a unique range of skills and perspectives, there are many compelling benefits of hiring abroad. 

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