Oyster named Category Leader in G2's Winter Report

To end an incredible year of growth.

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We are thrilled to share that Oyster has been named as a Leader in G2’s Grid Report for Multi-Country Payroll | Winter 2022. This marks the end of a remarkable year for us at Oyster—a year that saw explosive growth in the number of customers, team members, and employees joining our mission to help companies everywhere to hire people anywhere. 

This year, we have seen the number of team members on our platform grow by 40x, but we couldn’t think of a better way to end the year than achieving Category Leader status in G2’s Winter Report.

Interested in Oyster but want more information about how the platform works? This product overview should help.

This recognition comes on the back of positive reviews we received from verified users. According to Shaun Bishop, Manager, Market Research at G2, reviewers “gave Oyster high marks for Ease of Use, with an average rating of 91 per cent, putting Oyster well above the category on that metric”. We’re hugely grateful for this signal of confidence from our customers and community. Together, we are changing the World of Work for the better. 

As our CEO and founder, Tony Jamous, put it, “It’s no secret that global employment is an incredibly challenging area.” He went on to say, “It requires a deep understanding of international compliance, local tax laws, how to deliver a great employee experience, and much more. That’s why I’m so proud to see Oyster named as a category leader in G2’s Winter Report. It wouldn’t have been possible without the huge effort of our talented team or the great feedback we’ve received from customers and team members all over the world. Our growth this year has been amazing, and we can’t wait to help more companies and people tap into the benefits of distributed work in 2022 and beyond.”

At Oyster, we’re committed to creating a more equal world by removing the barriers to global talent. We built the world’s first global employment platform to enable companies to hire, employ, and retain talented employees around the world. 

This has been a pivotal year for the company, from our Series A and Series B funding rounds, to the expansion of our leadership team: with former Facebook VP Ellen Silver joining as President and HR veteran Mark Frein coming on board as Chief People Officer. We’re excited to keep up this momentum in 2022, helping more companies to take advantage of the global talent pool and unlocking opportunities for talented individuals everywhere. 

Thank you to all of our customers, team members, and employees for being part of this journey.

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, hire, pay, manage, develop and take care of a thriving global workforce. It lets growing companies give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches and expense.

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks.

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