Grant equity to your global team

Incentivize your global team with company ownership so they feel committed and invested in your mission. Confidently build equity into your offer while understanding and mitigating legal risks around the world.

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Grant equity to your global team

Global equity compensation made easy

Access on-demand knowledge and tools to help you quickly determine the right equity option in 80+ countries. Attract and incentivize talent by unlocking company ownership for your global team.

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    Compliant hiring and payroll in 180+ countries

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    Faster time-to-hire with streamlined paperwork and communication

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    One platform to onboard and manage all team members

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    Streamlined global payroll

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    Single source of truth for contracts and documents

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    Dedicated customer service

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    Simplified hiring for full-time employees and contractors

  • Build a compliant and competitive equity plan for your global team
  • Learn how to award equity compliantly in 80+ countries
  • Gain country-specific knowledge on taxes and regulations
  • Make informed decisions while mitigating legal risks

Bringing clarity and simplicity to global equity compensation

Our self-serve platform guides you with country-specific insights, so you can make informed decisions—without scouring the internet or spending a fortune on legal advisors in every country.

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Bringing clarity and simplicity to global equity compensation
Equity tools and knowledge at your fingertips

Equity tools and knowledge at your fingertips

Oyster’s Equity Assessment Tool is available to you whenever you need it! Find answers to mitigate legal risks and build a compliant equity plan right away.

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Grant and manage equity from a single platform

Weave equity into your global payroll seamlessly through our platform. Track your equity awards and handle equity events compliantly, all from a single platform.

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Grant and manage equity from a single platform
Create a total rewards package

Create a total rewards package

Equity is only one piece of the compensation puzzle. Leverage Oyster’s total rewards solution to offer compliant and competitive salary, benefits, and equity.

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Oyster Shell Protection

Assess misclassification risk via your Oyster Shell subscription with aggregate protection up to USD $500,000.

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How to get started

Whether you’re kickstarting your global employment journey—or need help turning it around—we’re here to make the transition easy.

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    Sign up for a free Oyster account

    Explore the platform and tools for free—including the Employment Cost Calculator.

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    Receive immediate guidance when you hire

    When you submit a new hire in the platform, you’ll have a virtual hiring assistant to guide you through local compliance.

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    Access continued support from a dedicated team

    The Oyster team (yes, humans!) will review your drafted agreement, send it to you for approval, collect signatures, and handle employee onboarding.

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Trusted by teams and partners

We help teams grow faster across borders

David Dawoud

Head of People at Demodesk

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Oyster has it down in terms of its simplicity, but it’s genius at the same time. It’s simple enough that you don’t need to feel the burden of maintaining numerous systems. That’s the beauty of it."

Ally Fekaiki

CEO and founder of Juno

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Prior to using Oyster, employing anyone outside the U.K. was a nightmare for us... now it's super fast and painless."

Tyler Parson

VP of People at Chili Piper

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The biggest impact that Oyster has had on our team is certainly efficiency and speed. We’re able to onboard employees a lot faster and with a lot less anxiety about whether we’re doing it right. With Oyster, we trust that we did do it right."

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Can I offer equity to team members on Oyster?

Yes, but the type of equity you can award compliantly will differ by country.  Learn more here.

Does Oyster support equity events like vesting and exercise?

In short, yes, but there are important distinctions to make. Oyster will support the necessary tax withholding and reporting on these equity events in countries where the obligation lies with Oyster. In other cases where the obligation lies with the grantor, Oyster can help customers understand what the responsibilities are and the actions to take.

Does Oyster provide legal advice on issuing equity?

No, Oyster does not provide legal advice on issuing equity. For the most part, our equity solution holds the knowledge you need to put together a compliant equity plan yourself and reduce the need to engage lawyers. However, you should consult with a tax advisor or legal professional if you're unsure.

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