Hire based on talent, not location

Oyster is on a mission to make it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere.

  • Hire

    Hire quickly and compliantly in over 180 countries.

  • Pay

    Automate payroll based on the hiring country's currency.

  • Care

    Manage health benefits, equity, time off, and more.

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Hire folks in over 180 countries

Impress your People Ops team and attract top talent with a slick and seamless hiring process.

  • Get a cost estimate before you hire

    Use our employment cost calculator to understand the total cost of employment around the world.

  • Streamline your onboarding process

    Onboard your new hire quickly and in one place. For some countries, a contract can be ready to sign in just 48 hours.

  • Get help from our team of legal experts

    Ensure you meet local requirements and hire compliantly with help from our dedicated legal team.

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Pay your global team in over 140+ currencies

Save time and keep your team happy with fully-compliant international payments.

This is an image of the OYSTERHR platform showing pay your global team in over 120 currencies.
  • Run payroll in multiple countries

    Run international payroll in a few clicks, from currency conversions to tax deductions and compliance.

  • Stay on top of your payroll costs

    Manage all your invoices in one place and download a detailed breakdown of payroll costs.

  • Approve and reimburse expenses

    Empower your Team Members to buy what they need to work remotely with built-in expense management.

Help your team succeed at what they do, wherever they are

Retain your team with top-tier care and support. Provide them with competitive benefits and tools to empower their work-from-anywhere journey.

  • Offer attractive benefits packages

    Provide extended health insurance to your Team Members under one global plan through Oyster Health. Use the Oyster Benefits Advisor to learn how to level up your benefits packages.

  • Become a global equity expert

    Understand what type of equity could be provided to your team depending on where they live with the Equity Assessment Tool.

  • Find the best local providers

    Our People Service teams, who work directly with local insurance providers, are on hand to offer your team the best possible benefits based on where they live.

This is an image of the OYSTERHR platform showing help your team succeed at what they do, wherever they are.
This is an image of the OYSTERHR platform showing your team members can request time off.
  • Onboard and offboard with support

    Your Team Members will receive a dedicated support team to help them onboard (and offboard if they move on.)

  • Work together on one platform

    Your Team Members can request time off, access payslips and contract agreements, and file reimbursements—all in one place.

  • Find the best local providers

    Your Team Members get access to Oyster Academy, which offers courses to build skills and succeed in distributed, remote work.

Find and hire talent anywhere with Oyster

See how the Oyster platform can transform your business.

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