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Benefits Advisor

Identify the benefits offered by local employers and recommended by local experts

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Get all the intel on country-specific benefits. Find answers to “What’s statutory and what’s best-in-class in Italy?” or “Can I offer the same benefits in the UK and Canada?” The benefits are categorized into four tiers.


Best-in-class benefits that will help you stand out. Only 5% of companies we analyzed offer this.


Locally optimized benefits offered by 25% of the companies we analyzed.


Basic extended benefits offered by 60% of the companies we analyzed.


These benefits are required by law and are already included in your Oyster fee.

Not sure what benefits to offer?

We’re here to help! Select your hiring country and approach above to identify a list of statutory and extended benefits companies in those locations are offering.

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Creating remote work benefits has never been easier

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Global compliance & protection

Hire amazing international talent without worrying about compliance and liability. We've got it covered.

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Actionable insights

Receive country-specific insights to guide you through the global employment journey.

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Breeze through global hiring, payroll, and benefits using an intuitive design and a streamlined process.

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See how the Oyster platform can transform your business.