Pay Transparency in 2023: What People and Talent Teams Need to Know

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Pay Transparency in 2023: What People and Talent Teams Need to Know

When it comes to pay transparency, is your company doing enough to ensure you’re compliant?

Pay transparency laws are on the rise in 2023 across the U.S., with new laws rolling out from California to Washington and more likely on the way. These laws vary in impact, but one thing’s clear no matter what: It’s critical to ensure your hiring strategy is updated to meet the new demands.

The BrightHire team brought together top people and talent leaders, including Oyster's Senior Director of People Operations, Matt McFarlane, to discuss strategies for tackling pay transparency and share actionable steps you can take to prepare. Tune in to learn:

  • An overview of pay transparency and what it means for your people and TA teams
  • The steps you can take to develop and share salary bands with candidates and employees
  • How to enable recruiters and interviewers to discuss compensation during interviews


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Matt McFarlane
Director of People Operations at Oyster
Anastasia Dencic
Head of Talent Acquisition at Pave
Carly Jones
Head of People & Talent at Sourcegraph
Teddy Chestnut
Co-Founder at BrightHire

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