Answering the Most-Asked HR Questions for 2023

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Answering the Most-Asked HR Questions for 2023

2022 had more in store than just the return to office. From historic attrition to rising inflation to recent layoffs, this year tested our resilience and left many wondering what the future holds for their business. With so much at stake, visionary HR leaders are taking the time to reflect and identify:

  • Balancing what's best for the company in a downturn
  • Evolving HR from a service center to a strategic partner
  • The next iteration of hybrid work and manager enablement

Join HR leaders from Bonusly, Oyster, and Knoetic for a panel discussion on predictions for the new year and what you can do to get ahead.


Future of work


Vicky Yang
VP of People at Bonusly
Kim Rohrer
Head of Employee Experience at Oyster
Mila Sheeline
Director of Community at Knoetic

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