Need help with hiring global talent?

You’ve landed in the right place. Through our global employment platform, you can compliantly hire, pay, and manage talent in 180+ countries. Build remote, global teams in days with Oyster.

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dashboard that shows how to manage your team, know your costs before hiring and connect your existing tools

More than 1,500 companies trust us with their teams


Hire overseas without setting up an entity

Thanks to our owned entities, trusted partners, and automated platform, Oyster offers a fast and compliant employer of record (EOR) solution to help you work with global talent.

  • Receive a cost estimate before you hire

    Use our free employment cost calculator to explore the total cost of hiring around the world.

  • Generate 100% compliant, legal-reviewed agreements

    Hire compliantly with pre-populated statutory terms and deep employment intelligence.

  • Access robust and specialized support

    From visa sponsorship to onboarding and offboarding, a team of experts is always by your side.

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pay your global team on time in 140+ currencies

Pay your global team on time in 140+ currencies

Oyster eliminates the complexities of global payroll. Use one platform to pay your team, manage invoices and reimbursements, and access detailed payroll reports.

  • Meet local payroll requirements

    Oyster handles all payroll compliance requirements: tax withholdings, social contributions, currency conversion, and more.

  • Process invoices, expenses, and bonuses

    Find in-platform features to manage all sorts of ad-hoc payments for global employees.

  • Stay on top of your payroll costs

    Keep a clear payroll structure with a single invoice for all team members, and access detailed reports as needed.

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Reward your global team competitively

Oyster gives you access to local employment intelligence and tools so you can create location-tailored offers that are compliant, competitive, and equitable.

  • Find real-world salary data

    Use our salary insights tool to find out the low, mid, and high salary figures for specific roles based on location.

  • Offer competitive benefits packages

    Choose from pre-created local and global benefits packages, and enroll people effortlessly right from the platform.

  • Offer equity compensation

    Use our equity assessment tool to learn how to offer equity compliantly. Then manage it all within the platform.

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Reward your global team competitively

The leading global employment platform in the market

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Maximum country coverage: 180+ countries.

Limited country coverage.

Bulletproof compliance throughout the employment cycle.

Issues with misclassification and compliance. 

Expansive insurance coverage exceeding $8,000,000 USD.

Low insurance coverage. Unclear policy terms.

Hiring in as fast 48 hours with the help of intelligent insights, templates, pre-populated terms, contract quality scores, and a hiring success team.

Slower hiring and onboarding process. Limited guidance. 

Deep, local, and actionable employment intelligence: #1 reason customers choose Oyster.

Limited insights. Knowledge not embedded in the platform.

Superior customer experience with 90% CSAT.

Subpar customer support. Long resolution times. 

Local experts on HR, legal, payroll, and total rewards.

Low confidence in local expertise. 

Strategic partnership to support complex cases including multi-country expansion, entity shutdown, EOR migration, and contractor conversion.

Transactional hiring support for relatively simple scenarios.

Deep integrations across HRIS, ERP, expense management, team productivity, and equity platforms.

Fewer integrations, leading to more manual work.

Transparent pricing with an all-inclusive fee structure.

Extra fees for platform use and offboarding. Tax miscalculations. Inconsistent deposit requirements. 

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Prices that fit your global hiring needs

Your Oyster subscription fee includes everything you need to compliantly hire, pay, and manage global Team Members.


All-in-one solution to hire, pay, and manage contractors in 180+ countries.

30 days for free

Then USD 29 per contractor per month

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  • Generate compliant agreements to hire global contractors

  • Onboard contractors in minutes

  • Process invoices and payments on time in 140+ currencies

  • Manage expenses, allowances, time off, and reports



Global Employer of Record and end-to-end employee management solution to compliantly hire, pay, and care for full-time talent. 

Starts at
USD 499 /month

Pay Monthly
Pay Annually
(save USD 1200 per year)
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  • Hire full-timers in 130+ countries with compliance and liability coverage

  • Reduce time-to-hire with automations, integrations, and insights

  • Set up global payroll and manage expenses, allowances, and bonuses

  • Offer competitive local and global benefits packages


Seat-based, annual subscription to hire 5+ global team members efficiently and cost-effectively.

Custom pricing

This product is paid annually

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  • Access global Employer of Record and employee management solutions

  • Lock in reduced rates by purchasing 5+ annual seats for your global team

  • Reuse empty seats at no additional cost

  • Work with dedicated customer success and account managers

  • Benefit from speedy bulk hiring and onboarding

What will your story be?

We help teams grow faster across borders

Image of Jessica Silva Director of People, Lokalise

David Dawoud

Head of People,

Lokalise logo

Without a solution like Oyster, it’s not even worth the hassle. You just end up deciding, ‘We’re not going to hire there.’ It basically restricts you from getting access to talent. Oyster takes that all away. That’s what makes Oyster great."

Image of Jessica Silva Director of People, Lokalise

Tyler Parson

VP of People,
Chili Piper

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We trust with Oyster that we did do it right because we enlisted their help to help us do these things perfectly. So from a leader perspective, I can sleep easy at night knowing that we're not breaking some law that I didn't even know existed.”

Image of Jessica Silva Director of People, Lokalise

Alex Nicolaus

Chief People Officer,

Lokalise logo

The service is seamless, the communication is very good, and there’s definitely a lot of time and cost saved. The cost of using Oyster is less than what it would cost for us to deliver the same service using external consultants.”

Image of Jessica Silva Director of People, Lokalise

Jessica Silva

Director of People, Lokalise

Lokalise logo


We've used Oyster to hire and onboard employees in 10 different countries and we would not have been able to grow that quickly without Oyster."

Image of Jessica Silva Director of People, Lokalise

Jessica Silva

Director of People, Lokalise

Lokalise logo


Prior to using Oyster, employing anyone outside the UK was a nightmare for us... now it's super fast and painless."

Image of Jessica Silva Director of People, Lokalise

Jessica Silva

Director of People, Lokalise

Lokalise logo


Oyster's one-stop solution has enabled us to tap into the global talent pool quickly and easily."


What does global hiring mean?

Global hiring, or global employment, is the ability to hire, pay, and manage talent based in other countries. For example, if your business primarily operates in Canada, a global employment platform like Oyster would enable you to hire and pay contractors and full-time Team Members located in other parts of the world.

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What is an EOR?

An employer of record (EOR) is an entity that legally employs workers on behalf of another business. An EOR takes full responsibility for all aspects of employment, including compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits. Oyster offers an EOR solution in 130+ countries powered by an automated global employment platform to streamline all employment functions.

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Is Oyster the legal employer of global Team Members?

For full-time Team Members, Oyster is the legal employer and is solely and exclusively responsible for their employment and engagement. Team Members employed by Oyster provide services to your organization as agreed upon in a Service Agreement.

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