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An employee onboarding platform that allows HR leaders and managers to easily set up an engaging experience that will make newcomers truly feel part of the team.

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🤝 Together we’re transforming the future of work

By using Oyster alongside Softstart, remote companies can hire and onboard globally distributed employees seamlessly. Through the help of Oyster, companies can efficiently hire the right talent around the world, then properly welcome them so that they feel integrated into the team and reach their full potential more quickly using Softstart.

✅️ Key features

  • Onboarding templates: Select from a few templates to inspire you and help you build a memorable onboarding. Or customize your own unique templates, which you can reuse and adapt to all your different kind of onboarding.
  • Drag and drop onboarding builder: Time to plan a great onboarding! Drag and drop any activities on calendar view, adapt your plan with bulk actions, preview it and schedule your invitation.
  • Simplify your scheduling: Introduce your newcomer to the rest of the team by synchronizing their calendar (Outlook and Google) directly through the platform.
  • Access all your onboarding resources easily: Quickly assemble all your onboarding resources in one place, which you can then easily access and share.
  • Newcomer experience: Provide an onboarding that your newcomers can actively follow and engage with, all on their own. Allow team mates to record clips to either introduce themselves, resources, or really whatever they feel important to share.

📦️ Exclusive discount

  • 14-day free trial, with all features included. To claim, please email and mention this offer.

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