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Officevibe is the incredibly friendly people-first employee experience platform— the fresh, new way to engage, recognize, align, and enable world-class leaders and teams. Easy to use and super powerful, Officevibe is for having those essential conversations that make everything and everyone click, empowering leaders, and connecting teams like never before.

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🤝 Together we’re transforming the future of work

From hiring and onboarding to employee engagement, Oyster and Officevibe empower HR teams to create the best possible distributed work experience for their global workforce. While Oyster helps you overcome the hurdles of building a world-class distributed team, Officevibe helps you keep that team engaged and aligned even when your employees are located all over the world.

✅️ Key features

  • Pulse Surveys: Five fun, anonymous weekly questions that help your people reflect on their day-to-day.
  • Survey Report: Look at how your team answered their Surveys and get a pulse on your team's engagement.
  • Custom Polls: Send customized questions or use templates to dig deeper into each metric.
  • Collaborative 1-on-1 Agendas: Build structured 1-on-1 agendas together with team members.
  • Individual and Team Goals: Create goals for the whole team so everyone stays aligned and grows professionally.

📦️ Exclusive discount

·      One-year license of Softstart. To claim the offer click below and simply mention you are an Oyster customer when you speak to them.

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