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Firstbase is the physical operating system for remote work. Firstbase takes care of all deployment of goods, remote maintenance/repairs, and collections when workers leave the company. The idea is that companies should never have to worry about getting equipment to and from workers ever again.

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🤝 Together we’re transforming the future of work

Together, Firstbase and Oyster enable distributed HR and IT teams to support their remote employees by providing them with a seamless hiring and onboarding experience that feels localized to them.

✅️ Key features

  • Automated on/off boarding
  • Custom employee branded store-front
  • Management of legacy assets not originally supplied by Firstbase
  • Cash-flow improvement through HaaS procurement model

📦️ Exclusive discount

  • 10% off Firstbase’s management fee. To claim, simply mention you are an Oyster customer when you speak to Firstbase.
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