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Figures offers reliable start-up & scale-up salaries for Europe. Figures provides compensation benchmarks, gender equality audits, and gives further insights so you can make qualitative & informed decisions about your compensation.

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🤝 Together we’re transforming the future of work

Secure the best talent using Figures and Oyster together. Benchmark salaries across Europe at scale with Figures, then hire new Team Members quickly and compliantly across 180+ countries with Oyster.

✅️ Key features

  • With a tailored app, save time and effort by visualising, analysing and comparing your compensation data among all markets or just your own
  • Analyse who may be at risk of leaving due to salary
  • Base your decisions on data updated in real-time
  • Create an overview of your compensation policy
  • Level up your audit of salary equity between men and women with unique and innovative indicators

📦️ Exclusive discount

  • 12 months free. To claim, simply mention you are an Oyster customer when you speak with Figures.
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